Cool Tool: Avatar Maker

Part of writing well-rounded characters involves giving them credible features. If they are human, they have to look right. Describing them properly for the reader helps to create things that they can identify with.

I’m not referring to perfect characters but full and real ones, with flaws and human features. Of course if you are creating aliens or superduper creatures like in Harry Potter, you can be as creative as your imagination allows you to be. Inventing extra limbs and extra eyebrows over one eye will not be out of place.

But for human characteristics, sometimes it helps to actually see what you want to describe. Some writers “borrow” from their environment, using features picked from the people around them, or from the memory of people they have seen. But what if you could actually build a character from scratch and see how he or she looks?

Avatar Maker can help you achieve that.

Avatar Maker was created to help you make avatars that you can use to represent you or in other places, but as I created an avatar for myself some minutes ago, the thought just popped into my head.

I can actually make avatars for all my characters, and then describe them in my book. I can even create a group collage of all of them with their names under each picture, and use that as part of my reference when I write my next book.

So to writers out there, what do you think? Will help out in fleshing out your characters in your next episode or book?


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