Cool Find: Mystery Shopper

Back in 2006, I was a student, looking for several ways to earn money. I have always been fascinated with working online, and working remotely, so when I found Bare International, despite the misgivings of the people around me, I plunged in and tried it.

Bare International provides businesses with the opportunity to get information about their businesses that they could not otherwise attain directly. They help get answers to questions like:

How much are customer service issues costing my business? Am I missing opportunities to engage my customers? Why are my sales down? I have data about my business but how do I interpret it? How do I identify the real problem points in my business?

Bare International operates in more than 100 countries and has completed over 50,000 evaluations all over the world. No region is too tough for them to penetrate.

Enough praise – the real deal about BAI is that ordinary people like you and me get to make some money doing things we would ordinarily do like shopping at a grocery, taking an exam, buying make up or receiving money via Western Union. Sure, there are instructions on how to act, but you have to keep your eyes and ears open to gather all the information requested.

I enjoyed doing it because I got to be someone else for a few minutes. I remember one occasion that I had to act being an ignorant belligerent Western Union recipient at a bank. Even I laughed at my performance when I left the place. The poor attendant was so harried, I almost stopped and told her its only an act. Almost.

The pay, at least, is small change, but it covers the cost of transportation to the location, and sometimes you get reimbursed e.g. when paying for an exam or buying a cocktail at a bar (yes, you could choose a job to evaluate a cocktail bar!).

You can also take on evaluations if you travel outside the country – just set it up in your profile. I can imagine travelling and doing mystery shops that will at least cover some of my return ticket costs. You can also earn money (up to $25) referring friends, family and enemies to the Evaluator program.




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